Bold is a design studio based in Paris founded by William Boujon and Julien Benayoun.
Product and furniture design from concept to production; full cycle follow up, R&D on technology and materials, establishing design strategy as well as scenography design.

Since 2008, William and Julien create designs inspired by technological development, science and art. This approach allows them to collaborate with diverse companies like Le Laboratoire, Paris / Cambridge, the MIT Media Lab (product and experience design), YSL (scenography), Nelly Rodi (scenography) and Dood, Photocabine and NextMotion (product design).

Bold is also a design lab.

Biology and biomimicry inspired them to create the concept Memorabilia Factory, a DIY kit to build personal souvenirs using bacteria and sand. Their featherlight LED pendant lamp PLUME started as research on sustainable lighting and was awarded a Creative Grant from the French institution for Valorisation of Innovation in Furniture (VIA).

Today, Bold is developing projects around 3D printing technology after having designed an FDM 3D printer for the French company DOOD.


Available works :