The designstudio MdSt focuses on how to make avantgarde design with  oldfashioned  handtools as chisel, lathe and saw. Design, sculpture and crafts are mixed in the concepts.  As they are very concerned about the climate change they only make design with a very low ecofootprint., this means that almost no  energy other than the time that is spend by hand on the piece is used.. MdSt decided not to make any object other thant those  that adjusted meaning  and helped  the world  to survive. For that reason they use the renewable material wood , local and the kind of woods are often capable to stand the climate change. 

Their designs  who are functional but are in the main time sculptures as well, has a metaphorical content. The designs looks very rough instead of smooth and beauty: it is the soul of the matter that we want to reveal. We want to show that wood is a living matter, that changes with the time and all that change is part of the revealed beauty. The  work focuses on the goal to become a modern form of wabi sabi. Their unique profile makes it possible to  bring nature in any house and a sculptural presence whatever the style of the interior is.

MdSt - member Tania de Bruycker is trained as a sculptor, interior architect / designer and spend half a lifetime on curating crafts exhibitions before starting her career as an artistic designer.  

MdSt - member Erwin Clauws is trained as a graphic designer, a typographer, a visual artist.  This qualities makes him the founder of Notus, a new musicnotation and to participate in MdSt, next to his own practice as a visual artist.


Available works :