Noro Khachatryan


Studiokhachatryan is a Belgium-based design studio founded in 2010 by Noro Khachatryan.

With his innately curious nature and mathematical mind, architectural designer Noro Khachatryan builds bridges between objects and architecture, controls and limits his gesture to the strict necessary. Noro approaches every project with an open mind, as a ‘tabula rasa’. 

This process creates a brand-new space where every aspect canbe considered rationally and without any preconceived ideas, ready to be sculpted anew. He creates sculptural objects and architectural elements in natural and industrial materials (stone, concrete, semi-precious metals and wood) for both public and private spaces. 

The purified visual language allows viewers to bring their own concrete interpretations to the work. The same happens with the interiors he designs where every detail has a ‘raison d’être’.It is thanks to this rational approach that the spaces radiate a sense of peace and tranquility.

Noro Khachatryan (b. 1983 - Armenia) moved to Belgium in 1999 and studied interior design at LUCA Brussels and Sitnt-Lucas architecture school. Much of his work is produced in his own studio or manufactured in collaboration with international, high-end industrial or artisanal partners.


Available works :