Joris Poggioli


Since 2017, Joris Poggioli imagines his very own, sculptural furniture collections, giving privilege to the form and highlighting the power of the matter.
Architect and interior designer, Joris Poggioli’s main inspirations come from his French-Italian roots. The French elegance and sophistication resonate with the Italian subtlety and eccentricity, creating the perfect symposium of the two cultures. In the design world, every line is symptom of the deepest personal research, which urges liberty, discipline and time for capturing daily life impulses and putting them at the mind’s mercy.

The [auto edition] allows to globally oversee each stage of the creation process, from the drawing to the material sourcing, in which he particularly focuses, to the manu- facturing step, which is closely followed for guaranteeing the best results.

Joris Poggioli’s strong architectural vision allows him to create timeless objects in which the form prevails on everything else. Therefore, his pieces find their place in countless decorations, from historical to contemporary. The power of form, whether simple or elaborate, stands out and often flirts with sculpture. In this spirit, each piece simultaneously self-stands independently, but perfectly fits in along with the others.