HILO , January 2014

Designer : Marre Moerel
Client : Aybar Gallery
Curator : Francisco Polo


In 2012 the design curator Francisco Polo invites the international Artist Marre Moerel to create
a new project with her particular interpretation of ceramics and as result born HILO , a collection 

of high-end conceptual vases signed and numbered by the designer in a Limited Edition of
8 pieces worldwide


HILO - “ Thread ” in spanish - a fragile element which in itself doesn’t pertain significant character, but only once its has been processed through
weaving and knotting does it obtain strength and volume . The resulting textile can be structural as well as purely decorative .

Moerel has applied this principle created a similar effect to this collection of vases by applying ceramic thread with the use of a simple household pastry bag
to a main ceramic body, - the traditional Spanish water jug, Botijo - , obtaining stunning artifacts  that express the inherent beauty  and fragility of this
humble material yet exude the delicacy and excellence of high-end crafmanship .


Hilo vessels, Hilos del Mar and Precious Threat 

Hilo vessels , Cnidaria, Hakonechloa and Anemona

Physical changes of this body can be witnessed in the White pieces, where the ceramic thread becomes a structural element; the thread seems to hold,
embrace and even lift the ceramic body.

The more decorative and emotional aspect comes to light in the colored vases where the dyed ceramic thread has strong references to that of textile and
yarn, adding layers of warmth, intimacy, and delicacy.


Marre Moerel isnpiration in the Spanish Botijo

This last Moerel project is all about experimentation for the designer, letting the material decide what happens and at the same time to free herself 
from the conceived ideas and designs . The designer made a few objetcs everyday during almost 6 months starting everyday with a different mood which
you can see 
in the pieces .Technically, each of the vases of HILO collection have a particularly complex. The piece structure and ornamentation are part
of an all ceramic, 
which sets color, shapes and textures become an individual challenge for each outcome.

As in most of her work, Moerel has used low-end technique to obtain high-end conceptual pieces and with  HILO , the designer  has pushed the boundaries
of ceramics to it;s extreme limits obtaining vases with high-end crafmanship, strong character and intuitive emotions making something which in theory
it isn’t suppose to be possible .


HILO Project is a Commision by Aybar Gallery Miami as a Limited Edition of 8 pieces worldwide of each vase, numbered and signed by the artist + 
2 Artist pieces + 1 Prototype .

HILO vessels are exclusively available in US through Aybar Gallery , in case you are interested in more information dont hesitate to contact us or visit our shop on line 

Interview of Marre Moerel about the process of creation of HILO for Wallpaper* Magazine

Stupa, Labour of Love and a Thin Blue Line vessels

Detail of Stupa vessel

A Fragile Drape low vessel