TL Magazine , featured Globe Exhibition.

Text : Adrian Madlener


As a refreshing break from the congestion of Miami Beach during Art Basel week, the city’s industrial fringe offers hidden gems. Behind the door of an unassuming warehouse, Aybar Gallery reveals as unexpected white-cube mass. On show is a highly curated selection of limited edition and one-off design objects from all reaches of the globe, hence the name of it current exhibition. Developed by Spanish curator and advisor Fransisco Polo and German interior architect Markus Herchet, Aybar Gallery comes as a new venture for the duo, derived from years of experience in Europe and Asia; and building a rich network. In fact, it is the very tenant of collaboration that defines the new Miami venue. Most of the works on show were developed or commissioned through close dialogue.

On show till late February, Globe presents works by up-and-coming Dutch designers Sabine Marcelis and Brit Nerven, Swedish powerhouse trio Claesson Koivisto Rune, Hollywood polyglot Leonardo di Caprio, and leading maverick Richard Hutten, to name but a few. The vast range of applications, style, colour schemes, materials evident in the showcase reveals the curators’ distinct yet uncompromised taste. Historical and contemporary works are strategically juxtaposed. A highlight is Isreali material innovator Talia Mukmel’s Revolve bottle. Clad in traditional pattern relief, these water vessels are produced using bioplastic compounds. Cleverly, works are spaced out with enough room to breath, a welcomed change from scenographically-saturated displays at major gallery fairs.

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