inga sempé


Year : 2015
Client ; Golran 1898
Composition : 75% pure natural wool, 25% pure silk

Size :  9,9' x 6,5'  ,  9,8' x 8,5' ,  11,5' x 8,5'  ,  13,1' x 9,9'  , 14,7' x 11,5'  ,  16,4' x 13,1'   ( 240x160,   300x200,   300x240,   350x260,   410x310  cm )
Custom size on request

Meteo, designed by the French designer Inga Sempé, is a collection which reinterprets in a contemporary key the classical Persian carpet.

The faded effect of the weft, which makes it possible to obtain a geometric design through blurred lines, is obtained thanks to the skilful artisan technique from Nepal which can give a result similar to that of pointillism, that uses individual coloured threads of wool and silk for each point of the design, as if each knot was the single piece of a mosaic.


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