OFF ROUND , wall mirrors
brit van nerven & sabine marcelis


Year : 2013
Materials : Mirror, glass, invisible metal mounting system.
Colours : Blue, Bronze, Green, Silver and Rosé.


Off Round-collection utilizes the thickest available glass sheet which is laminated on a coloured mirror. The shape of the different mirrors is derived from hand drawings whose irregular form create a play in our perspective perception.

Off Round 450                H17,71"  W14,96"  D0,98"    (  H45   W38    D2,5 cm  )
Off Round 550                H21,65"  W19,68"  D0,98"    (  H55   W50    D2,5 cm  )
Off Round 700                H27,55"  W24,40"  D0,98"    (  H70   W62    D2,5 cm  )

Off Round XL 900          H35,43"  W33,07"  D0,98"    (  H90   W84    D2,5 cm  )
Off Round XL 980          H38,58"  W39,37"  D0,98"    (  H98   W100  D2,5 cm  )
Off Round XL 1100        H43,30"  W38,97"  D0,98"    (  H110  W99   D2,5 cm  )

Category  :  Open Edition

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