VOIE Lights
sabine marcelis

Year : 2016
Materials : High polished resin and Glass neon light tube.

Colors : Fudge, Midnight Blue, Sherbet, Plum, Gold and Snow.


Medium :        H23,62"  W26,37"  D2,75"  ( H600   W670   D70 mm )
Medium XL :  H43,30"  W47,24"  D3,93"  ( H110   W120   D10 mm )
Large :            H26,37"  W28,34"  D2,75"  ( H670    W720    D70 mm )

The ‘voie’ light series is the first result of an investigation into the manipulation of light-paths. Having chosen neon as the primary light source, the designed objects create an interception on the path the light follows through the addition of a singular extra material.

The addition of cast polyester resin diffuses the light path and in turn uses the light source to enhance the 
colour properties within the resin. A new moment is created when this mutually beneficial relationship is formed between the materials, defining the unique properties of each where the two meet. 

Category : Limited Edition of 5 in each color way ( signed and numbered by Sabine Marcelis ).      


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Midnight Blue





Voie Large 

Voie Table