ida elke


Year : 2017
Materials : Paraffin wax, Graphite, carnuba wax, carbon fibers. Metal grid structure inside legs. Casted in white mold clay.

Size : H28,54"   W21,65"   D15,74"   (H72,5   W55   D40 cm )

Three Pillar Seat is cast from a composite of fossil wax and carbon.
It has an asymmetric construction with three pillars. One is displaced to the right, with a slanted connection to the seat.

The chair is cast in a mold of wet clay. It provides the piece with a monolithic appearance. Despite its sturdy look, it is exposed to changes in surface, since every handling will leave small imprints. Hence it suggests a somewhat paradoxical connection between power and precariousness.

Category : Limited Edition of 8 + 1 AP


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