MASS , side tables
odd matter


Year : 2016
Materials : Alpha-Crystaline Plaster and Cork granules .

Size Mass White  : H17,71"   Diameter 19,68"        ( H45  Diameter 50 cm )
Size Mass Black  : H13,77"   W39,37"   D16,53"    ( H35   W100   D42 cm )


MASS tables are part of a series of Rocklike textured pieces with a cork terrazzo finish.
Hand made with a new technique developed by Odd Matter that explores the use of cork as an aggregate material and high quality hard plaster as a binder, contrasting the rough texture with a smooth and vivid graphic surface.
 First pieces were made and developed at the Villa Noailles during Design Parade 2015 and now are exclusively available in the US at Aybar Gallery.

Category : One of a Kind   ( The use of a new technique developed by the designers makes each table Unique )


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Mass Black