MASS WHITE , side tables
odd matter


Year : 2016
Materials : Alpha-Crystaline Plaster and Cork granules .

Size Mass White  : H18"   Diameter 20"        (  H45  Diameter 50 cm  )
Size Mass Black  : H14"   W39"   D16,5"      (  H35   W100   D42 cm  )


A series of rocklike textured shelves, tables and lights. Handmade with a technique developed by Odd Matter that explores the use of cork and alpha crystaline plaster as an aggregate material. Combining the soft and light nature of cork with the rigidity and strength of Gypsum. 

The cork granules are an inherent part of the cork process. All cork that is not sold whole or is waste from the bottle stopper production gets granulated. For Mass different sizes of granules are added to the plaster which is then cast onto a smooth surface. By mixing the cork with the plaster the granules enhance the plasters qualities by increasing its volume, reducing the weight and introducing structure and elasticity, becoming an aggregate material. By using different sizes of granules a range of structure and texture is possible. Once cast the cork itself is not apparent at first but by sanding back the flat surfaces the cork granules can be revealed, showing a Terrazzo like surface. 

Category : One of a Kind       ( Due to the Technique developed by the Artists each table its an Unique Piece  )


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Mass Black