CNSTR , cabinet
paul heijnen


Year : 2009
Materials  : Natural Birch, Natural Oak wood or Black Stained Birch.

Size  :   Medium    H78"   W63"   D23"  ( H200   W160   D60 cm )
H90"   W78"   D25"  ( H230   W200   D65 cm )
          Sigle door    
H75"   W37"   D23"  ( H190   W95     D60 cm )

Paul Heijnen's Construction Cabinet overturns the traditional outside / inside dichotomy of a cabinet. This modular cabinet hides none of its inner workings. There is a door locking mechanism based on an old espagnolet lock and the hinges are built with seven independent axels that swivel 180 degrees to open the doors. 

Category :   Unique Editions of Cnstr cabinet in different wood species and custom sizes available upon request through Aybar Gallery.


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