muller van severen

Year : 2014
Materials : Rusted steel frame and High gloss lacquered steel top.

Colors : Brass and Deep Blue  /  Cream white and Rust.

The table + low table was born of the attempt to create simple sculptures that could be displayed as Art and also pinch-hit as Furniture. This piece by Muller van Severen has obvious references to the Stijl movement ( as Piet Mondrian's primary-color grids ) and the steely serevity of Bauhaus design.

Size table :        H29,52"  W27,55"  L47,24"   ( H75  W70  L120 cm )
Size low table : H15,74"  W27,55"  L47,24"   ( H40  W70  L120 cm )


Category : Limited Edition of 12 + 2 AP


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