rodrigo pinto


Year : 2017
Materials : Patinated bronze.

Size : H11,81"  W27,56"  D15,74"  ( H30  W70  D40 cm )

Chile is  an unstable territory. We are surrounded by mountains, Pacific Ocean, valleys and faults. 

When I see mountains I remember the goosebumps on my grandma’s chickens. All in my life is reduced to compare shapes and imagine posible territories. 

The fragility of our land reminds me too the osteoarthritis that my grandma suffers. The cane is an important element today on a fragile persone. That transition between an stronger woman to dependent one is something really hard to see. For that reason in this fragile territory I use a cane to support it. Because if take out the stick, the land collapse.


An important thing on this project is the idea of build useless design pieces. The lenguaje of a chair or table everybody can recognized, but here, my work as designer is propose questionings and not answers. 

Category : 3 Unique Pieces       ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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