CANDY CUBES , side tables
sabine marcelis


Year : 2016
Materials : Fine Matte or High-gloss polished resin. Non-slip rubber pads.

Colors     : Marshmellow, Raspberry, Peach, Bubblegum, Mint and Tomato. Custom colors available upon request.

Size : H24"    W24"   D24"   ( H60   W60   D60 cm )
          H20"    W20"   D20"   ( H50   W50   D50 cm )
          H12"    W24"   D24"   ( H30   W60   D60 cm )

Thickness : Approx. 1,18"     ( 3 cm )


The seemingly solid objects with a magical glowing edge. The Unique translucent and highly polished properties of the material give a magical effect to this multifunctional pieces.

Category : Open Edition  


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