OFFCUT  01 / 02 , side table
raw material


Year : 2016
Materials : White Mist / Jasper Red marble or White Mist / Moss Green marble with matt finish.

Size : H23,03"   Diameter 17,32"   ( H58,5   Diameter 44 cm ) 


Stone temples in India were traditionally constructed entirely based on joinery, without the use of cement, mortar or any other bonding agents. 
All side tables designed by Raw Materials studio use these ancestral principles of stone-joinery; different parts of selected stones assemble together like a jigsaw puzzle - simply with the virtues of weight and gravity, devoid of any adhesives.
All the stones have been collected, sifted and carefully selected for making each side table, they are handmade produced and due to the nature of the material no two side tables will be the same, making  the finished piece One-of-a-Kind.

Category : Limited Edition of  8 + 4 AP      ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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