BLANC CASSÉ , wall mirror
damien gernay


Year : 2014
Materials : Stainless steel and paint.

Size : Diameter  47"  Depth 2,36"   (  Diameter 120   Depth 6 cm  ) 

The « BLANC CASSÉ » series explores the notion of the white colour, which a physical alteration will render functional.
A simple painted stainless steel disc is mechanically sanded to reach the mirror, thereby conferring its function to the object. The object itself bears the traces of its manufacturing/creation, revealing the soft transition between the different stages of the surface, from the initial matt white, to the black of the primer, and all the way to the polished metal.

The image appears as an organic hole drilled through the wall. The rough patches of the polished metal reflect a pointillist image, imperfect as if it were painted in real time, with the graininess of the metal acting as the stroke of a paintbrush.


Category : Limited Edition of 20 + 2AP + 2P


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