NI Lighting 
sabine marcelis

Year : 2016
Materials : High polished Nickel coated steel and Glass neon light tube.
Floor light   : H78,74"   W2,36"   D2,36"     ( H200   W6      D6 cm )
Table light   : H14,37"   W8,26"   D7,28"     ( H36,5   W21   D18,5 cm )


The NI lights utilise the material properties of highly polished nickel coated steel to create interesting reflections and manipulations of the Neon light source.
The clear glass neon tubes wrap around and are enveloped by the Nickel creating a very architectural and contemporary lamps where Sabine Marcelis reccuring in the theme of manipulation of light through the addition of an extra material.

Category : Open Edition ( One-of-a-kind Ni lights are available upon request )


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