LUNAR & ASTRA , side table
raw material

Year : 2017
Materials : Indian White Mist marble. Fine matte finish.

Lunar  :   H22,83"   Diameter 15,74"   ( H58   Diameter 40 cm )
Astra   :   H18,11"   Diameter 19,68"   ( H46   Diameter 50 cm )


Prized for its Elegance and Purity of color, Indian White Mist Marble has dominated Architecture and Sculpture for centuries.
This variety of marble was deposited in Rajasthan in the Proterozoic period ( 1450 million years ago ) and only can be found in India. Its white base and elegant dark veins are known for their compact Crystal structure which makes the stone non porous.The water absorption of Mist white Marble is the lowest among all types of marbles in the world giving to Astra and Lunar side tables the highest quality as possible.

All the White Mist Marble stones have been collected, sifted and carefully selected for making each side table, they are handmade produced and due to the nature of the material no two side tables will be the same, making the finished piece One-of-a-Kind.

Category : Unique Pieces


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