IQAR , coffee table 
karen chekerdjian

Year : 2003
Materials :   Mirror polished Aluminium

Size  :   H15,7"   L49,2"   W37"   ( H40   L125  W94 cm ) 

A single sheet of metal is carefully folded into an airplane.

The first black lacquered piece possessed an imposing physicality that completely vanished when made with mirror-polished aluminium.
This reflectivity allowed IQAR to be completely absorbed by its surroundings, robbing the plane of its physicalness, yet allowing it to strategically disguise itself in its landscapes. Just like a paper plane, a stealth bomber or Icarus, IQAR aspires to fly. Where to? remains the question.

IQAR was born in Jordan 2003, during the beginnings of the war on Iraq. The contrast of children playing with paper planes while their actual armed counterparts flew loudly overhead conjured a sense of trepidation reminiscent of past experience of violent conflict that similarly blurred the act of play.

Category :   Limited Edition of  12 + 1P + 2AP ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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