philipp aduatz


Year : 2018
Materials : Wood, plastering, metal, brick, 10.000 stoneware glazed tiles.

Size : H35,43"   W19,68"   D19,68"  ( H90   W50   D50 cm )


The Gradient Tiles Chair is an experimental chair designed and produced by Philipp Aduatz by using solely construction materials.

The idea started after Aduatz completed the refurbishment of his studio when he had numerous building materials left which remained unused. Because he did not want to discard them he decided to create an experimental chair with them.The base frame is made from wood which was covered with a brick fabric and afterwards completely covered by plaster. Because the surface still had a tendency to crack it was reinforced with a glass fibre fabric. The finish is made by the application of 10.000 tiles, each placed by hand in a gradient pattern. 

Category :   Limited Edition of  4 + 2AP ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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