DIGITAL chaiselongue
philipp aduatz


Year : 2018
Materials : Concrete 3D printed, carbon fibre reinforced, polyurethane coating.

Size : H33,46"   L86,61"   D29,52"  ( H85   L220   D75 cm )


The Digital Chaiselongue emerged from a collaboration of Viennese product designer Philipp Aduatz with Austrian start-up company incremental3d from Innsbruck. 

The sculptural design language is realized by the use of an innovative digital fabrication technology that allows to 3D print very detailed concrete geometries in a very fast time.The concept is to use the new technology developed by incremental3d for a complex freeform design by Philipp Aduatz and show the new possibilities of creating complex shapes in an application for furniture design. It is further the aim to show the synergy of the experimental and scientific approach on design by Philipp Aduatz with a company that has developed a new technology and looking for applications.

For the Digital Chaiselongue a three-dimensional base plate was first 3D printed from concrete. Afterwards the complete geometry was printed in less than one hour onto the plate. To provide sufficient tensile strength, carbon fibres are inserted in sensitive areas. The seating area was finished using a UV-resistant polyurethane coating in delicate handcraft, this should demonstrate that craft and digital technologies can coexist for the purpose of innovation in the 21stcentury in harmony.

Category :   Limited Edition of  8 + 4AP ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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