FAUTEUIL I ,  easychair
philipp aduatz


Year : 2009
Materials : Polystyrene foam, polymer coating, polyurethane lacquer.

Size : H37,40"   L47,24"   D37,40"  ( H95   L120   D95 cm )


The main purpose of Philipp Aduatz’ Fauteuil I is to function as a prototype for a smaller complement to the Dormeuse. It has an armchair-like appearance, perfect for resting and comfortable reclining. The edition consists of five pieces where each piece is -due to the handwork- unique.

The pieces are made from polystyrene foam. After digitizing, the 3D scan data is used as basis for modeling the Fauteuil II. The pieces of the edition Fauteuil I are coated with a polymer and special polyurethane lacquer to make the objects durable and usable. 

Category :   Limited Edition of  5 + 3AP ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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