CHAUD , side tables
charlotte jonckheer

Year : 2018
Materials : Beige dei Medici stone, hand pressed paper composite with stone dust.

Size Low table   :   H12,20"   W20,07"   D17,32"   ( H31   W51   D44 cm )
Size High table  :   H16,14"   W16,14"   D11,02"   ( H41   W41   D28 cm )


Recycling colorful print offsets and hand pressing them with stone dust results in color neutral, stone like surfaces. Once pressed, the paper composites are still humid and can be bend.They are dried and held in a series of horseshoe stone moulds; different curves, which afterwards frame the base of the table.The weight of the stone table top gives stability to the piece. Each paper form is unalike the other as the air dictates their shape during the drying process. United, the dried paper and the stone, challenge each other to create a series of architectural inspired side tables.

Strong graphical shapes and the tactile surfaces allow the movement of light and shadows to create visual variations during daytime. 

Category : Limited Edition of  8 + 2 AP      ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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