SOFT BEINGS , four legged stool
elissa lacoste

Year : 2018
Materials : Steel, hand modeled silicone, natural pigments.
Size : H29,52"   W13,77"   D9,05"   ( H75   W35   D23 cm ) 


These objects were born from a material exploration on the relation between the bone and the flesh, where a metal structure leads to pulpy shapes in a sensual skin complexion. Hand modeled and colored with stone powders and pigments, their silicone texture attracts immediate attention by their unexpected softness.

Alike translucent marble, colorful veined stone or wrinkly skin, these objects amalgamate the mineral with the animal, and create an otherness which intrudes on the domestic space they inhabit.

Category :  Unique piece     ( Bespoke Editions are available upon request )


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