DOLOMIE I , sofa table
elissa lacoste

Year : 2019
Materials : Polyurethane, aluminum, hand modeled silicone and natural clay powder.
Size : H17,71"   W54,33"   D36,22"   ( H45   W138   D92 cm ) 


Similarly to cave parts or stones smoothened by time, these two monolithic objects seem to come from a distant wilderness to meddle with our normed interiors. While they appear to be of mineral origin at first sight, they stand out with their softness and bouncing surface. Made from alloy of synthetic and natural materials; they bear witness of man’s imprint on the environment at the beginning of a new era, all while carrying a memory of a fading brutality of matter. 

Category :  Unique piece     ( Bespoke Editions are available upon request )


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