BEND , side table
maria tyakina

Year : 2018
Materials : Hand brushed Stainless Steel with Matte Waxed Finish.
Size High : H17"   W23"   D17"   ( H43   W58   D43 cm )
Size  Low : H9"     W35"   D35"   ( H24   W89   D89 cm )  


Bend is a stainless steel side table constructed without screws, welding or glue. Each plain of the table interlocks within another providing support and resulting in a form that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Curved sides of the table giving the table an approachable and friendly character. Whilst every detail is laser-cut for the perfect fit, every detail of the Bend table is later brushed by hand. The traces left on the surface show the human touch in its cloudy texture and let the surface play with the light and reflect its surroundings, making the Bend table jewel of the space.

Category :  Limited Edition of 18 + 1 AP   ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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