GESTALT , low table

Year : 2018
Materials : P
igmented concrete, Black / Moss Marbled finish.
Size : H8,66"   Diameter 39,37"   ( H22   Diameter 100 cm ) 

Gestalt low table is a barrel full of well matched contradictions. Both brutal but elegant, heavy but light and functional but sculptural. The designers made sure no feature on Gestalt is lavish by ruling out every idle detail, leaving Gestalt being the embodiment of its most important characteristic : concrete.

The Designers took on the challenge to create a concrete low table reduced to it's fundaments through thorough exploration of the matter.The choice of pigmentation and negative space give the concrete table a surprising lightness and makes every piece unique. The table is positioned low to the ground, making it a prominent object you can’t ignore. Because of the shape and well finished, terrazzo bottom of the deconstructable table, the tabletop can be put on its side to serve as a mere object in the room.


Category : Limited Edition of 25 + 1 AP      ( One-of-a-Kind pieces are available upon request )


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