CRITERIA , chair
chiho cheon


Year : 2019
Materials : Corrugated and Lacquered Cardboard, Cement.

Size : H29,52"   W21,65"   D17,71"   ( H75  W55  D45 cm )


Korean designer Chiho Cheon created a set of furniture pieces and matching artwork to express the notion of homelessness. the ‘criteria’ collection comprises two chairs and two hanging works that propose standards or literal criteria of the way people see homelessness.

The designer uses corrugated cardboard and cement to produce his new collection, all in dark hues including black, grey and deep green elements. the rough textures and primitive shapes serve as a basic canvas to assess the homelessness boundary. the nature of the chosen materials is a polar opposite: concrete is heavy, sturdy and conveys permanence while cardboard is light, flimsy and disposable. the dichotomy of both materials further emphasizes the designer’s concept for his ‘criteria’.

Category : Limited Edition of 20


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