ida elke

Year : 2018
Materials : Brown or Cream Bricks, PUR.
Size : H18,5"   W14"   D10"  ( H47   W36   D26 cm )


With regards to the architects of the 60's, who certainly not wished for a Interior like a sterile white cube, and therefore paid attention to textural surfaces, using bricks, slate , sisal etc, Ida Elke wanted to investigate how bricks can be used as a component in furniture of today.

The standard format is as well known as a piece of A-4 paper, it appeals to the designer to form a furniture based on prefabricated elements and standard formats. Based in this principle, Ida combined blocks of bricks with mats of PUR, creating beautiful side tables / floor objects with a strong Architectural and Artistic appeal.

Category :  Open Edition  ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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