INDUSTRIAL CRAFT 02 , side table
charlotte kidger

Year : 2018
Materials : Polyurethane Foam Dust and Resin. 
Size : H22"   W16"   Top Diameter 19" with 1,18" thickness
          H56     W40    Top Diameter 49 cm with 3cm thickness 


Industrial Craft is a material based project focused around utilising plastic waste streams associated with CNC fabrication. As a by-product after the milling process the lightweight polyurethane foam dust is left in abundant volumes. Given that this material is still regarded as a niche plastic, it’s only means of disposal is through incineration or landfill. Through material exploration, Charlotte developed a durable and versatile composite material that has the capabilities to be cast in diverse 3D forms of various scales. The composite material provides an extremely durable material that prolongs the life and places value in what was previously so easily discarded. 
With a zero-waste process in the making of Charlotte's sculptural tables and with strong focus on the durability, Industrial craft is as much about exploiting the possibility of material answers as it is about asking questions.

Category :  Unique Works  (  Open Edition  ) 


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