FROISSÉ , wall cabinet
damien gernay

Year : 2018
Materials : Aluminium, Oxidized Steel.
Size : H36"   L68"   D13"  ( H91   L172   D33 cm )


Gernay’s work is highly experimental, driven by his desire to challenge boundaries between art and design. To date, his practice spans furniture, lighting, and accessories. His pieces often reflect a reverence for nature and the enigmatic; his larger oeuvre focuses on materiality, texture, and ambiguity. Close to the considerations of a painter or a sculptor, the imponderable plays a decisive role in his practice. The error is accepted and assimilated, making each piece unique with its own history, complexities, and intimate paradoxes. He combine control with spontaneity, mixing the smooth with the rough.


Category : Unique Editions       ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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