BUILDING 2 , side table / stand
hyunjong kim

Year : 2017
Materials : Aluminium .

Size : W18"   D16"   H18"    (  W45  D40  H45  cm )


The building project is a series of creations inspired by the combination of many forms, structures, and numerous layers that Korean Designer Hyunjong Kim has experienced in architecture. Architecture, which may be difficult and complex, is expressed here as a simple and intuitive object in order to approach people a little bit more easily. Hyunjong Kim also wants to tell you about the new beauty created when different shapes and materials work together. 

'Building 1' began with the idea of a new form with a 'uniform but non-uniform' approach. Inspired by the existence of pillars to support architecture or anything that supports it, Hyunjong Kim composed every layer with round pillars, he created a 'uniform but non-uniform' order for each layer by varying the thickness and size of the pillars, and made different shapes depending on how they were stacked. 


Category : Limited Edition of 10   ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist ) 



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