1.3 COLLECTION , chair
youngmin kang


Year : 2019
Materials : Anodised Aluminium Pipes, Rope.

Size : H29"   W12"   D16"   ( H73   W30   D40 cm )

Art and design have a direct influence on the culture, attitudes and ways of living in which people live.With this idea, the Korean Designer Youngmin Kang has recorded the texture of Seoul in order to archive images of the present City and it worked as a kind of inspiration of his work.

1.3 Collection is one example of how people today utilize our environment in a piecemeal manner.It was started from an accidental scene at the construction site; one worker was sitting on pipes standing vertically.These kind of daily scenes everyday Youngmin see,  were enough to expand his ideas about how people have used their surroundings in a barren environment.

Rough pipes at the construction site, which is very inappropriate place for rest, allowed one person to take a rest. To be exact, it was not just a pipe but a ‘chair’. This later became the basic answer to ‘what context did the products i was designing come from?’ as I worked on it. But as everyone can guess, the ‘chair’ was as unstable as it was in the situation so I needed further study of the basic structure. After numerous experiments, I found a way to tie and secure each pipe using straws and threads, and became a 1.3 collection with the current structure and construction.


Category : Open Edition


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