collin velkoff


Year : 2019
Materials  : Hand-Brushed and Lacquered Aluminium, Stone, Gypsum Cement, 3000K Leds.

Size  :  H21"   W18"   D10"   ( H54   W45   D25 cm )


Foreign Bodies Furniture pieces,  are inspired by the launch pads that send our rockets and shuttles into space.
These pads are the starting point for our vessels that carry our presence into the unknown. 

The lighting collection of Foreign Bodies is inspired by the satellites, orbiters, and rovers sent into space to analyze the material composition of extraterrestrial bodies. How we understand and use these foreign materials will help expand our presence within our solar system and eventually the universe. The process of space exploration exemplifies our dependence on materials as a species and how much influence they have over our consciousness. 


Category :   Limited Edition of 8    ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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