POST , side tables
noro khachatryan

Year : 2020
Materials : White Onyx

Low :   22"H   14,5"W   12"D   (  H55     W37    D30 cm )
High :  
25"H      13"W   11"D    (  H63     W33    D28 cm )

Post side tables designed by Noro Khachatryan are minimalistic Archetypes, composed by two elements sculpted in white Onyx. 
The objects can be placed upside down, and be used as side tables, sculptural objects or architectural elements in existing interiors. Produced in a signed and Limited Edition, due to the nature of the material, each piece becomes One-of-a-Kind.


Category :  Limited Edition of 10 + 2 AP   



Model A : Low side table 

Model B : High side table