youngmin kang


Year : 2020
Materials : Recycled Plastic Waste

Size : H33"   W22"   D18"   ( H83   W55   D45 cm )


Since the development of industrialization, art and design have been divided into black and white,and the boundaries between industrial and artistic products have become clear.However, this clear line only separates everything from what is considered as practical and what is not.


To me, factories were the opposite concept of art, operating mass production systems.Through this project, I wanted to find a way to produce something using plastic waste in these hard, uniformed gray spaces in order to achieve a variety of results. I think this is the process of trying to find values that can reflect the present in the boundaries of today's art and design.


Aff collection started with the suggestion that the pipe production factory could use waste materials to combine art with me.The plant was a plastic coating plant for pipes, and many different colors of plastic and waste pipes were being thrown away.One of the most interesting parts of the project was to throw away all the existing plastic on a bag if they had to change color or start new work during the pipe coating process. In this part, I made a trash can to use as a mold itself for plastic.

Plastic materials contained here could be reborn as furniture with textures and unique colors that cannot come from factories.


Category : Unique Works


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