HENRY , side table
joris poggioli

Year : 2020
Materials : Calacatta Oro Marble.

Size : H19" Diameter 19"  ( H48  Diamenter 48 cm )



The new Eden Paradiso collection furnishes an imaginary interior dreamed up by Joris Poggioli.
For this series, the designer envisioned the majestic villa of a stylish, cultivated male character; a dandy aged about 60 who surrounds himself with minimal designs that contrast with his environment that is so charged with history, stories, and memories.

This world serves as a backdrop to the Eden Paradiso collection, which is made up of monolith tables, a sensually suggestive chair, dual material lights, an evocative wall light, an attractive mirror, and a tall cinematic ashtray. The designer’s stylistic vocabulary and aesthetic references parallel those of his last collection; the common thread lies in the generous proportions, voluptuous curves, and graphic combinations.
But Eden Paradiso nuances this perspective with a certain simplicity and restrained ornamentation, thus emphasising the tactile aspect and Olympian allure of each piece. The material sets the tone : with rigour and precision, the designer has sourced fine, 
sensuous materials. Glass, Marble, Onyx, Rosewood and lacquer punctuate this col- lection that tends toward the sculptural, architectural, sensorial and luxurious by turn. 

The Eden Paradiso collection is ripe for contemplation: it tells a story that each person can connect to, while also bringing functional appeal. 

Category :   Open Edition   (  Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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