LICHEN , side table 
dust london

Year : 2021
Materials : Cardboard Celullose Fibres, Natural Pigments.
Size : 16"H   Diameter 16"   ( H40  Diameter 40 cm )
          Top Thickness 1" , Base Diameter 12" 

Dust London processes with cardboard celullose fibres are largely influenced by traditional Japanese paper making tools and techniques from the 19th Century.The Artists wanted to depart from the mass-produced methods, familiar in design today,  and celebrate handmade techniques that enable each object to be entirely an Unique Piece. 

Commissioned by Aybar Gallery, all of the pieces in this DLT Collection have been made using cardboard packaging that cannot be recycled in the usual way. The material is torn and soaked until the fibres begin to break down. These fibres are then separated further by a precise mixing and draining technique until achieved the desired consistency.By reinventing classical design methods, Dust London combines careful decision making and precise application of materials alongside organic processes. 

The surface texture of the DLT Tables emulates the ruggedness of natural rock. The Artists use a reusable screen print sheet to shape the material and give it a subtle Fabric like quality. Soft pastel hues sit alongside deep Pigmented surfaces creating Marble-like textures contrasting with large blocks of colour.

DLT Collection is handmade by the Artists and due to the nature of the material, each piece becomes One-of-a-Kind.

Category :  Open Edition   (  Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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