FAITH  , console
maria osminina

Year : 2021
Materials : White Onyx
Size : 35"H   55"W   16"D   ( H90   W140   D40 cm )

Artist Maria Osminina creates contemplative Interiors and Furnitures that are Minimal and sleek yet exude sentiment, tradition and serene Beauty.
Faith is a series of Onyx furniture in which the Aesthetic vector is aimed at a deep sense of time as being. It is in this feeling that there is an elusive and at the same time a strong sense of life and endless eternity at the same time.

Refined and Sophisticated lines, combined with the brutality of monolithic forms, create the feeling of not just furniture, but rather objects that create value free from functional tasks, but at the same time not devoid of them.

Produced in a signed and Limited Edition of 12, due to the nature of the material, each piece becomes One-of-a-Kind.

Category :  Limited Edition of 12   (  Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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