francesco balzano 

Year : 2021
Materials  : White Travertine.
Size  :   35"H   47"W   16"D   ( H90   W120  D40 cm )

             35"H   55"W   16"D   ( H90   W140  D40 cm )


The Constantin Console is carved out of a single piece of travertine. The high technicity of the piece without any joints, reveals the poesy of this elegant and monolithic creation.The Constantin Bench handmade by craftsmen in Italy. 

Theoreme Editions is a new French Maison d'Edition founded by David Giroire and Jérôme Bazzocchi, whose intention is to showcase emerging contemporary French designers. Theoreme Editions aims to be the voice of a generation of creatives who are particularly attentive to the savoir-faire, choice of materials and narrative dimension of their work. Through pieces that are sculptural, referenced, inspiring, attractive or poetic, Theoreme Editions communicates a strong and refreshing aesthetic, delivering a subtle and exacting vision of contemporary design.


Category :   Limited Edition of 12    ( Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )  


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