ORGUS No 14 , Wall Mirror
humberto da mata


Year : 2022
Materials : Plywood, Paper Pulp, Resin, Kaolin Mortar, Ceramic and Glass Mirror

Size : H34"   W28,3"   D9"   ( H86   W72   D22 cm )


The Orgus Collection is a research that Humberto has been developing in the last years. The first Collection was composed only of Ceramic pieces and later on, Paper pulp started to make part of this group of works, allowing the Artist to explore new Scales and Proportions. In this Mirrors Collection, you can find Organic shapes, a more intense relation between different Materials,  Experimentations on Textures and Composition and Scale. 

In this group of works there are a series of perforations in the paper from where the Ceramics emerges, as if the interior of these pieces were filled with this Ceramic mass. The Paper pulp frames are made with a recycled material that has a grey color, it changes according with the paper the Artist uses. They are hand painted with kaolin mortar acrylic Paint and after that, Humberto applies acrylic resin  on it to have a durable and resistant Surface. 

Category : Unique Pieces

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