BSP , floor lamp
donghoon sohn


Year : 2021
Materials : ABS Plastic, Organic Solvents, Multicolored Binder.

Size : H44"   W8"   D8"   ( H112   W21   D21 cm )


The BSP series started from Donghoon Sohn research on how to recycle plastic by products. ABS is a popular material for 3D printing and CNC milling because it is easy to dye and process. Inevitably, a lot of plastic waste is created in the process, which is hard to recycle because it is too tiny, like dust. But these flakes or small parts from failed prints are easy to dissolve in a little amount of Organic solvent due to how large their surface area is relative to their volume. 

From this research, Sohn realised that he could reinterpret mass-produced plastic into handcrafted furniture. To make the collection, ABS plastic flakes were dissolved in a solvent—ethanol. Subsequently, the resultant liquid is mixed with various brightly coloured powders. When the white virgin plastic slabs are pressed together, the ethanol evaporates resulting in a vibrantly hued, solid material. With the BSP collection, Sohn has used the distinctive features of discarded plastic to create a quirky visual language. 

The collection is primarily made of white virgin plastic blocks, which are held together by a vibrant glue-like substance that spills out from the seams. 
All pieces are produced in Limited Edition with a Unique aesthetic never seen before.

Category :  Open Edition   (  Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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