Prospect , Table Lamp
studio thusthat


Year : 2021
Materials  : Copper Slag Geopolymer, Rolled Copper Sheet, Copper Mine Drill-core, Acrylic Light Diffuser, Textile Cord.

Size  :  H12"   W10"   D11"   ( H31   W26   D28 cm )


The Prospect Lamp is the latest addition to “ This is Copper ” series by Studio ThusThat.
The series explores our everyday materials – more specifically, copper – through an investigation of the material traces that are created in the wake of its production.


Copper is essential for the transition to a more sustainable, electrified future. But what exactly is copper? The shiny metal we all know is only part of a much wider material story. This piece combines different by-products from the mining and refining process, aiming to draw attention to the complexities and nuances inherent to the production of the sought-after metal.


The base of the lamp, its foundation, is made of the waste by-product from the refining process - slag. Slag is the molten impurities cast aside during the smelting process and can be transformed into a cement-like material. Above the slag, hovers the lampshade made of polished and patinated copper. In the center of the lamp, a stone column is placed as a reminder of the metal’s origins. The stone is an ore sample that was extracted from over 1500 meters underground at the Superior copper mine in Arizona, US.


Category :   Limited Edition of  3       ( with Mine Drill Core ) 

                     Limited Edition of  10     ( without Mine Drill Core )


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